My Sister's Getting Married!!! (Stuart, 12-29-18)

Congratulations to my sister and future brother in law! The rain couldn’t stop them from displaying the love and joy they have for one another! Halpatiokee Park was a great place to capture their excitement!

Noah's 6th Birthday! (Maryland, 9-5-18)

It’s very late as I’m writing his post but I have spent the whole day with my lovely husband and children celebrating Noah’s heavenly birthday! We went to Noah’s tree and released balloons for him. Today, Sept. 5, Noah would have been 6. Six years ago, I heard the most amazing cry that brought me to tears! I cried because it was the first time I heard my son and I also didn’t know how long he would be with us to hold. At this moment, I can only imagine all the things he would be doing with his siblings. Splashing in the pool, watching PJ Masks, coloring with his siblings, starting his first day of 1 grade. These are things I dream about! And although he’s not here on earth, Noah lives with us always! My sweet Noah, Evie sees you all the time in the clouds and every time I see a butterfly or feel the wind, I know you are with me even more that day! You give me my light and your light shines through your brother and sister too! We will love you always and forever! To infinity and beyond!

New mama shines!!! (Port St. Lucie, 7-22-18)

“You are pregnant and powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful!” -author unknown

Emilee awaited patiently as the clouds and rain stopped the day of her photo session! She radiated pure joy! It was a delight photographing this beautiful mama!

New year, New look....

To all my family and friends, 

This year, I came up with the bright idea of redoing my website!!! New year, new look right!! With family coming into town, the kiddos getting sick, and then myself getting sick, it's delayed my progress. Getting things the way I want is certainly taking time. But I said to myself, "I'll work on my site little by little. And I'm okay with this!" It may not be the best strategy, but I'm keeping it real!!! I hope to have my blog fully operational by next week. Fingers crossed!!! As always, thanks for your support and for understanding!!! 

With love, 


Family of 5 (Port St. Lucie, 9-30-17)

The weather didn't stop The Murray Family from enjoying the lawn in Tradition! Lots of fun and laughter with a beautiful growing family! Congrats!!

Baby Myles @ 4 months (Port St. Lucie, FL 9-24-17)

I first met Myles shortly after he was born. Now, he's 4 months and learning a whole lot! It's so much fun being able to take photos of Myles as he grows in his first year!

Family & Friends Day (Port St. Lucie, FL 8-27-17)

It was Family & Friends Day at Tradition Square! The kindness and joy between these two families was spectacular! I was glad to have been able to work with them!

Our lil' Princess Evelyn (Elkridge, MD)

A couple of years after our son Noah was born, my husband and I decided to have another child. Despite a high risk pregnancy and a few scares along the way, we put our energy into positive thoughts. Our Princess Evelyn arrived, perfectly healthy, just before the 2014 holidays. I couldn’t wait to begin capturing our precious moments, just as I had with Noah. My phone and camera where filled with photos of Evie as I attempted to capture every milestone she reached; photos every month to track her growth, her first smile, a giggle, how she rolled over, crawled, walked, and jumped! After many sessions and candid moments with Evie, I enrolled in a photography class to improve my manual photography skills. After this wonderful education, I better understand my camera and have taken my photos of Evelyn to a new level. My sweet Evelyn, helped me regain my passion for photography — and a new career was born. 

Our New Light...(Elkridge,MD)

Our first child, Noah, taught my husband and I the meaning of unconditional love. Our pregnancy was filled with so much joy and love. Unfortunately, we also experienced profound sadness when our son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, Patau Syndrome, about halfway through the pregnancy. This very rare disorder caused Noah to have an extra 13th chromosome and affected major organ development. We prepared for the worst, but held out hope. Noah was born early in September of 2012, and his T13 diagnosis was confirmed. Although we were faced with the reality that Noah's life here with us would be limited, my heart was consumed with everlasting love! We spent every moment we could with Noah in the NICU. Our little boy brought so much love to our family. We watched ever so closely as Noah ate, slept, smiled, grew and showed such strength. Our love for him grew each day and without bounds. He truly gave us a New Light in our lives! A light we had no idea existed. Noah was with us for 22 days. In these days he knew love, and only love! Although Noah is no longer physically with us, he continues to live in our hearts, minds, and everywhere we look. We know he's near us when we feel a breeze, hear a rustle of the leaves, see a fluttering butterfly, or look into the eyes of his siblings! Noah, you inspire us in many ways! We love you to infinity and beyond!!!

Little Miss Sylvia & her Big Sis (Ellicott City, MD. 8-6-16)

My first official shoot was of sweet Sylvia. As a 1 year old, she was quick on her feet and curious of her surroundings at Centennial Park in Ellicott City, MD. Her sister, Addie, joined in on the fun as well. They laughed, played with bubbles, and enjoyed the feel of the grass underneath their feet. It was such a pleasure capturing fabulous moments of the girls!