Our New Light...(Elkridge,MD)

Our first child, Noah, taught my husband and I the meaning of unconditional love. Our pregnancy was filled with so much joy and love. Unfortunately, we also experienced profound sadness when our son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, Patau Syndrome, about halfway through the pregnancy. This very rare disorder caused Noah to have an extra 13th chromosome and affected major organ development. We prepared for the worst, but held out hope. Noah was born early in September of 2012, and his T13 diagnosis was confirmed. Although we were faced with the reality that Noah's life here with us would be limited, my heart was consumed with everlasting love! We spent every moment we could with Noah in the NICU. Our little boy brought so much love to our family. We watched ever so closely as Noah ate, slept, smiled, grew and showed such strength. Our love for him grew each day and without bounds. He truly gave us a New Light in our lives! A light we had no idea existed. Noah was with us for 22 days. In these days he knew love, and only love! Although Noah is no longer physically with us, he continues to live in our hearts, minds, and everywhere we look. We know he's near us when we feel a breeze, hear a rustle of the leaves, see a fluttering butterfly, or look into the eyes of his siblings! Noah, you inspire us in many ways! We love you to infinity and beyond!!!