Our lil' Princess Evelyn (Elkridge, MD)

A couple of years after our son Noah was born, my husband and I decided to have another child. Despite a high risk pregnancy and a few scares along the way, we put our energy into positive thoughts. Our Princess Evelyn arrived, perfectly healthy, just before the 2014 holidays. I couldn’t wait to begin capturing our precious moments, just as I had with Noah. My phone and camera where filled with photos of Evie as I attempted to capture every milestone she reached; photos every month to track her growth, her first smile, a giggle, how she rolled over, crawled, walked, and jumped! After many sessions and candid moments with Evie, I enrolled in a photography class to improve my manual photography skills. After this wonderful education, I better understand my camera and have taken my photos of Evelyn to a new level. My sweet Evelyn, helped me regain my passion for photography — and a new career was born.