Noah's 6th Birthday! (Maryland, 9-5-18)

It’s very late as I’m writing his post but I have spent the whole day with my lovely husband and children celebrating Noah’s heavenly birthday! We went to Noah’s tree and released balloons for him. Today, Sept. 5, Noah would have been 6. Six years ago, I heard the most amazing cry that brought me to tears! I cried because it was the first time I heard my son and I also didn’t know how long he would be with us to hold. At this moment, I can only imagine all the things he would be doing with his siblings. Splashing in the pool, watching PJ Masks, coloring with his siblings, starting his first day of 1 grade. These are things I dream about! And although he’s not here on earth, Noah lives with us always! My sweet Noah, Evie sees you all the time in the clouds and every time I see a butterfly or feel the wind, I know you are with me even more that day! You give me my light and your light shines through your brother and sister too! We will love you always and forever! To infinity and beyond!